We offer 2-4 star hotels, normally located in city centres. Suburban accommodation is also available. Single, double and also triple accommodation options are available.

Value for money and previous positive feedback are the main criteria in selecting the accommodation partner.

Guided tours

We always recommend at least one basic guided tour in every new location to give better understanding of the local history, culture and lifestyle. There are several guided tour options available such as walking tour, combination of walking and bus tour, special interest tours, special venue visits.

Tour Management

When travelling to new destinations, we always recommend to have local tour manager with the group. For the specific days or for the whole tour.

No doubt there are best professionals travelling with the group from their home, but according to our experience, it is much less stress for the group, if the local specialist/tour manager can deal with different “local” specialties.


In all our hotels the breakfast buffet is always included. Boxed breakfast is available for additional cost for early departures.

For touring groups we offer full-board or half-board menus. We aim to offer the best possible variety of menus and restaurants. Special dietary needs and allergies are also taken care of.

Events and joint activities

In addition to regular guided tours we also organize different type of meetings with local people and artists. It can be in a form of a joint concert, master class, workshop.

Also special parties and joint visits of ongoing celebrations and festivals can be organized.

Concert Management and promotion

Having organized concerts, events and tours since 2005, and Madis being a member of Estonian National Orchestra, concert management is one of our main specialties.

In some cases we only help the client to take care of all concert related arrangements (venue selection and setup, instrument hire, technical equipment hire, concert advertisement and promotion).