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Don`t you wish to share your musical talent with audience of royal Stockholm, warm-hearted Helsinki, singing nation of Tallinn, music loving Riga, historic Vilnius and the great Saint Petersburg? Give yourself an opportunity to perform in the historically famous halls, churches and castles from 13th century, to the most modern and prestigious concert halls.

Come and explore the untouched nature and unique combination of cultures in the Baltic States, enjoy the beautiful Stockholm and Helsinki. Visit St. Petersburg-the city full of history and music.

You will have a great chance to discover six different cultures and languages all in one tour, full of fun and laugh, tour!

Performing Tours can offer you the most enjoyable and affordable custom made performing tours to include all these famous cities and countries around the Baltic Sea.




We offer 2-4 star hotels, normally located in city centres. Suburban accommodation is also available. Single, double and also triple accommodation options are available.

Value for money and previous positive feedback are the main criteria in selecting the accommodation partner.

Guided tours

We always recommend at least one basic guided tour in every new location to give better understanding of the local history, culture and lifestyle. There are several guided tour options available such as walking tour, combination of walking and bus tour, special interest tours, special venue visits.

Tour Management

When travelling to new destinations, we always recommend to have local tour manager with the group. For the specific days or for the whole tour.

No doubt there are best professionals travelling with the group from their home, but according to our experience, it is much less stress for the group, if the local specialist/tour manager can deal with different “local” specialties.


In all our hotels the breakfast buffet is always included. Boxed breakfast is available for additional cost for early departures.

For touring groups we offer full-board or half-board menus. We aim to offer the best possible variety of menus and restaurants. Special dietary needs and allergies are also taken care of.

Events and joint activities

In addition to regular guided tours we also organize different type of meetings with local people and artists. It can be in a form of a joint concert, master class, workshop.

Also special parties and joint visits of ongoing celebrations and festivals can be organized.

Concert Management and promotion

Having organized concerts, events and tours since 2005, and Madis being a member of Estonian National Orchestra, concert management is one of our main specialties.

In some cases we only help the client to take care of all concert related arrangements (venue selection and setup, instrument hire, technical equipment hire, concert advertisement and promotion).


About US

Performing Tours EUROPE was founded in Estonia in 2005 with the aim to offer exiting and best value for money performing opportunities and concert tours for youth and semi-professional orchestras and choirs in the Baltic Sea region. We work closely with all major festivals in the area.

It is a family owned and operated company, where all the tours are planned and carried out by the professional musician/performer  and experienced event and travel professionals. Our history in travel services goes back to 1989, where one of the first joint venture with Estonia and Sweden was established.

Most of our orchestras and choirs come from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway but also Iceland, Finland.

Madis Kari - Ph (+372) 505 4731

Madis Kari - Ph (+372) 505 4731

Artistic Director, Performances and Concerts Management, Tour Manager View Details
Neeme Kari - Ph (+372 503 7522)

Neeme Kari - Ph (+372 503 7522)

Event Management, Tour Manager View Details
Kadi Kaal - PH (+372 513 2311)

Kadi Kaal - PH (+372 513 2311)

Travel and Concert arrangements, Back office management View Details
Madis Kari - Ph (+372) 505 4731

Madis Kari - Ph (+372) 505 4731

Artistic Director, Performances and Concerts Management, Tour Manager

He graduated from Royal College of Music, London and works currently as co-principal clarinetist in Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (ENSO). Madis has a long teaching experience, including conducting the wind band and clarinet choir. He plays all clarinets, alto-saxophone and the piano.

All his spare time from playing, he is dedicated to improve the Performing Tours services. Madis knows from his own experience, which concert venue or festival is the most suitable for touring orchestra, choir, band or chamber group in the Baltic’s, Scandinavia and Russia. Madis has toured with ENSO in Europa and USA often and knows very well the high standards of tour organising in both continents.

With Madis´ expertise you can be guaranteed to have the best and unforgettable tour for your musical group. From baroque to rock, from chamber ensemble to full size symphony orchestra you are in hands of an expert, who knows all the needs of a touring musician, professional or amateur.

Neeme Kari - Ph (+372 503 7522)

Neeme Kari - Ph (+372 503 7522)

Event Management, Tour Manager

He graduated Thames Valley University in London, Hospitality Management, Tourism and Marketing degree.

Neeme has been in charge of developing hospitality and productivity of several hotels in Estonia. In travel industry, he has been working 1995, in a family owned full service travel agency. In past 10 years he is involved in consulting and managing many prestigious corporate events and incentives.

Since 2011 Neeme is also a Member of the Management team of the biggest film festival in the Northern Europe – Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival ( His main area is sponsorship, marketing and brand activation.

Kadi Kaal - PH (+372 513 2311)

Kadi Kaal - PH (+372 513 2311)

Travel and Concert arrangements, Back office management

Kadi graduated Tallinn University of Technology, in Estonia, BA in International Relations.

She has the most experience in arranging all the travel services and details that makes the tour perfect. She is behind the most complicated events and tour preparations since 2005. She makes sure that all specific needs of the musicians, instruments and concert venues are met in a highest possible level and all travel services, such as transportation, accommodation, catering, as well as media and publishing are taken care of in a very professional manner! She is responsible for all the subcontracting partners handling and back office.


Eesti asi

HTS Travel Service Oü ja HTS Performing Tours OÜ on Eesti kapitalil pōhinevad ettevõtted, mis tegelevad sissetuleva turismiga. Meie põhisuund on pakkuda välismaistele orkestritele, ansamblitele ja kooridele turismialast teenust, mis sisaldab kontserdikorraldust, festivalidega koostööd, transpordi- ning majutusteenust.

Teeme koostööd kõikide Läänemere piirkonna reisikorraldajatega, hotellidega, festivalidega, reklaamiagentuuridega ja orkestritega. Meie koostööpartnerid ja kliendid on valdavalt inglise keelt rääkivatest riikidest, see on ka põhjus, miks meie kodulehe sisu ei ole eestikeelne. Me oleme Eesti ettevõtted ja alati rõõmuga valmis vastama Teie soovidele.

Ettevõtte juhatuse liikmed on vennad : Neeme ja Madis Kari.

Avastagem Baltikumi ja Skandinaaviaga läbi ilusa muusika koos Teiega !